Get useful safety information about drugs you're taking or might be taking. Stay safe!
MedCheck Is a medication adherence utility that runs primarily through the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and other Alexa enabled IOT Devices.
RESearch (Restriction Enzyme Search) uses existing databases of genes and restriction enzymes to find the optimal way to encode arbitrary information into DNA.
Helping immigrants and refugees learn languages one chat at a time.
Photoediting sucks! We wanted to make an easy way to do a normally hard and tedious task or removing arbitrary objects from images.
RealiType is a natural gesture controlled VR experience with no controllers except your hands and body.
Templated Document Manager with imports from Excel
A simple library for interfacing with Confluence REST API with caching for repeated requests.
An interactive tool for visualizing the physics of Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET).
A simple library for merging Microsoft Word Documents with priority.
A VR version of the "hackertyper" experience using the HTC Vive and Unity
A tool for visualizing how word usage differs between different gender pairs.
Laser Projector, Final Project for EE383. Modified to include wifi, scoreboard, and is powered by the Texas Instrument's Tiva C LaunchPad.
Aggregation and analysis of data that predicts the demand for batches of bourbon.
A chatbot for assisting in psychology studies, written in Rivescript.
Teaching Algorithms and Reinforcement Learning with Minecraft and Jupyter Notebooks.
Search any state space using as many resources as you want while using the best version of your model so far
Neural Style Transfered Art, automatically applied to merchandise for sale.
Playing Pokémon with Interactive Learning in Large State Space
Chat integration platform for helping people organize friends to go out to bars.
An internal feedback app for anonymous company improvement