I'm Brian Carlson...
Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer with a background in computer science, computer engineering, and math. From data science pipelines to AI assisted financial tools to point cloud manipulation for LIDAR scans of mining sites, I've worked on a wide range of problems in a variety of fields. I love learning new things and applying my skills to new areas.

I have at least 10 projects open at any time, but I'm still looking for my true passion project. Maybe you can help me find it?


Here's a small list of some of the things I've made.

Get useful safety information about drugs you're taking or might be taking. Stay safe!
MedCheck Is a medication adherence utility that runs primarily through the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and other Alexa enabled IOT Devices.
RESearch (Restriction Enzyme Search) uses existing databases of genes and restriction enzymes to find the optimal way to encode arbitrary information into DNA.
Helping immigrants and refugees learn languages one chat at a time.

Work Experience

Here's a list of some of the places I've worked.

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