Experiences with: Mathematica (7)

Photoediting sucks! We wanted to make an easy way to do a normally hard and tedious task or removing arbitrary objects from images.

University of Kentucky Psychology Department

Provided insight for guiding human interaction in creativity studies. Developed a chatbot for aiding research studies using chat data gathered from Discord servers. Created virtual chat agents inside Second Life game for studies.
An interactive tool for visualizing the physics of Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET).
A tool for visualizing how word usage differs between different gender pairs.

Western Kentucky University Psychology Department

Built interactive visualizations for word usage differences by gender

Western Kentucky University Physics Department

Created Monte Carlo simulations for research on Förster Resonance Energy Transfer. Created a visualization tool for understanding the equations surrounding FRET.

Gatton Academy

Attended a residential STEM highschool, learning with some of the brightest minds from Kentucky